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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Very often, treasures are carefully tucked away. But a good hunter usually reaps a great reward. That is the case with the 3 Sister’s Bakery and your reward will be sweet!

In historic downtown Sulphur, is a little gem you will want to seek. The sign above the door reads 3 Sister’s Boutique and, on a stroll through the store, you will find reasonably priced women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, children’s clothing, and a section of Christian gifts. But the minute you step in the door, the aroma tells you there is so much more.

Mmmm…what is that smell? Fresh cinnamon rolls? A pina-colada cupcake? Warm chocolate brownies? Fresh-from-the-oven cookies? Just follow your nose but please don’t trample anyone getting there. In the back of the store, Carol Allmon is turning out sinfully delicious baked-goods. Go ahead, indulge.

If the sensible side of your brain is speaking to you, have lunch first. The daily specials are akin to grandma’s cooking – dinners with ham, meatloaf or chicken and sides – or a big baked potato and salad. Taco salad or nachos are local favorites. Seating is limited and carry-out is popular. The National Park is 2 blocks away and makes for lovely outdoor dining.

The 3 Sister’s Boutique and Bakery is located at 215 W. Muskogee, Sulphur. Lunch is served Mon-Fri, from 11a-1p and the bakery is open from 9a-3p. Check Facebook for what treats await you.

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