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Eat at Mama's Place

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

If your meals consist of things coming through your car window or some factory-to-freezer-to-microwave feasts, then you need to stop by Mama D’s on your vacation. Darlene has been cooking in the Arbuckle area, for many years. Her fans know that good eats flow from her kitchen. So, do as the locals do and stop in for breakfast or lunch.

Nouveau Cuisine is not what you will find at Mama D’s. For breakfast, expect bacon, eggs, hash browns, biscuit and gravy or if you are not from the south, have a piece of buttered white toast. Heck, if you are not from the south, be adventurous and try the biscuits and gravy! If that is not your style, have a stack of pancakes or a made-to-order omelet.

For lunch, choices range from real hamburgers with fresh-meat patties and toppings that go way beyond cheese to Philly cheese steak, BLT, a Club Sandwich and more. Order some fresh, hand-cut, French fries that will put those frozen, fast-food sticks to shame. Maybe a plate lunch is what you are looking for. Try hand-breaded chicken-fried steak, meatloaf or the Cook’s Choice special.

No matter what you pick, a great meal awaits you. Mama D’s is located inside The Fillin’ Station, where you will find hot and cold drinks, snacks, gas (for your car, not from the food) and local information. Stop by 1628 W. Broadway in Sulphur or call 580-622-6606.

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