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Spa…aaahhh in Sulphur… …Big Soles to Little Toes – Healing for Everyone!

Maintaining a healthy balance in life is imperative to well-being. This is a lesson that takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Sole’renity Spa, in the Artesian Hotel in Sulphur, exists to help you find that balance. They provide healing and restoration for the mind, body and sole through holistic and therapeutic treatments to replenish wellness, rejuvenate joy and revitalize your life.

While Sole’renity cares for the adult guests, Little Soles Spa is setting the younger generation on an early path of balance and wellness. Little Soles caters to kids in grade school to early teens with services designed especially for them.

Rhonda Mordecai, President and Owner of both spas, came to Sulphur with a God-given vision and years of salon and spa success under her belt. For 15 years she owned and operated a high-traffic salon in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro. She longed to offer a sanctuary, an escape from everyday stresses, a place to relax and be restored. She realized her vision by relocating to Gainesville, TX and opening the first Sole’renity Spa.

As her success increased, she was asked by the Chickasaw Nation to consider bringing her approach to providing a complete guest experience to the planned Artesian Hotel. They wanted a state-of-the-art spa that would be a rejuvenating sanctuary at their resort. After much discussion, terms were agreed upon and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The facility is everything Rhonda could have imagined with spacious treatment rooms, airy mani/pedi stations and a full complement of services, including massage, facials, body treatments, hydro-therapy, waxing and more. Adjoining the spa, guests have access to rooms for reflection, a fitness center, whirlpools, aromatherapy steam and dry saunas, as well as locker rooms.

But the experience goes far beyond the physical aspect, engaging every one of your senses. Stepping through the entrance, you are immersed in the peaceful ambience – the sea blue and chocolate brown décor, your cozy cotton robe, the scent of lavender and lemongrass drifting past, the sound of water flowing over rocks – it is as if you have stepped into a fantasy. This is your first step on your journey to serenity…it is a dream that is a reachable reality seen daily at Sole’renity Spa!

Little Soles

The health and well-being of children did not slip by without notice at the Artesian Hotel. Little Soles Children’s Spa opened its doors in Spring 2014 allowing the younger set to embrace living well. Their programs blend fun, physical activity with inspiration and education in a mix just for them. The colorful spa setting with cupcakes, music and laughter is perfect for a group Sparty!

Little Soles may receive mini spa services that include facials, manicures, pedicures, and chair massages with their choice of flavored soaks, scrumptious scrubs, sweet creamy lotions, frosting facial masks and delicious nail colors. In addition to a Sparty, guests may schedule alone time or a session with Mommy or Daddy. At Little Soles, their desire is to “treat their hands and feet, pampering their little souls so sweet!”

Whatever the size of your sole, Sole’renity Spa or Little Soles Spa will graciously serve you. Share the experience with someone you love for a couple’s retreat, bridal party, mother/daughter day or for corporate events and rewards. They are located inside of the Artesian Hotel, 1001 W. 1st St in historic downtown Sulphur. You may contact them at 580-622-8128,,, or find Sole’renity Spa on Facebook and Twitter @solerenityspa.

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