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Forgotten Wheels Museum Featured on Discover Oklahoma

A fascinating collection of all-things-wheels, showcased at the Forgotten Wheels Museum, was recently featured on the Discover Oklahoma TV show. The broadcast brings attention to unique attractions in Oklahoma…and that aptly describes this exhibit.

“The Discover Oklahoma episode has brought to us some of the most wonderful guests from all around the state of Oklahoma, southern Kansas and northern Texas” stated Sandra. She explained that it had been a joy to meet so many fans of vintage wheels.

What started as a fascination with vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, has morphed into a love of antique wheels of all kinds. In the early days of this attraction, it was the small bikes, called Hummers, that piqued the interest of Tom and Sandra Webb. Now, they own all 29 of the Hummer Series. Since those early days, the collection has expanded to vintage automobiles dating back to the ‘20s, Cushman Scooters, family heirlooms and so much more. A stop at the Forgotten Wheels Museum is a pleasure for enthusiast or novice.

You will also find a bit of the unusual at this location. Look high in the sky for a gander at a Model T that surely brought the Clampetts to town. Take advantage of an opportunity to have your picture made with Big Foot. The gift and antique shop has reasonably priced treasures and a ‘50s style room with an old-fashioned pinball machine. Remember the mechanical rides in front of the grocery store? Drop in a nickel and receive 2 minutes of glorious fun? Here you will see the roaring Rocket Ride that blasted your imagination in to outer space.

While you are in the Arbuckles, pay a visit to Forgotten Wheels Museum. Their hours vary seasonally, so call ahead at 580-369-2764 or 369-8406. Check their Facebook page for info or the website at Find them at 1775 S. Hwy 77, South of Davis.

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