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Experience Peace at the Canyon Hill Cabin

Wide open green pastures. Birds singing sweetly. A gentle breeze blowing across your resting spot on the deck. The total absence of traffic noise. These are a few of the first things you will experience at Canyon Hill Cabin. You may also realize that stress melted off as you traveled the long driveway.

Set on 30 private acres, the cabin offers a place to retreat to and leave the real world behind. A longtime family home, the current owners, Aelisha and Kelsey, are the third generation to be the passionate caretakers of the property. This is a special place with wonderful memories of family gatherings “at the Grands”, as her grandparents were known.

The lodge now offers that tranquility to guests. With 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, it will accommodate up to 10 people. Most of the comforts of home are provided, including linens, an equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi and TV with streaming capability. Plan to spend some time on the large deck or down at the firepit. The back 20 acres have walking trails carved out by Aelisha’s grandfather. The logs for original construction of the cabin were cut from this land in the early 1930s.

When ask why she is sharing the family home with guests, Aelisha said “I love to give people a place to escape big city life and gather with their family, like we have done. This is a wonderful place to make lasting memories together.” She says this is a way to keep it in the family and they occasionally still come back for celebrations.

The Canyon Hill Cabin is just outside of Dougherty, a small community nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains. Lying a bit south of Arbuckle Lake, the route is a meandering course that encourages you to go at a slower pace and enjoy the view. Might as well adopt that attitude now and keep it for you visit. More information may be obtained at their website (

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